Nature and us Humans

In my last posting I wrote about the culture of cutting trees and the results that follow, as well as a way to combat this negative trend.

Today I wish to enlarge on this subject, as it did not leave my mind since my last posting, so here I am:

Unfortunately, we in the western world have instituted a negative way of looking at nature and much of what we do, and the way we live, is contra to nature’s laws: We fight nature instead of going hand in hand with it. We poison everything that crosses our way, and our scientists do all kind of changes in nature to ‘better’ it.

I feel, and am convinced, that in the long run, we of the Human race will be the losers. Nature does not really care if we survive of not. Nature adjusts. It changes, and the changes it does are slow, but are the ones that keep everything in working balance.

(Nature verses man)

I indict you man
Before Heaven and Earth,
I indict you man:

I indict you man for polluting
The breathing air,
The drinking water,
The food for eating,
I indict you.

I indict you man
For cutting forests,
For diverting rivers,
For moving mountains,
I indict you.

I indict you man for the loss
of beast on land,
Of fish in water,
Of birds in sky
I indict you.

I indict you man
For high-rise ghettos
And asphalt pollution
I indict you.

I indict you man
For nuclear radiation and waste,
For deformities and death,
I indict you.

I indict you man for destruction
I indict you man for you are the destroyer,
I indict you man for I am Nature
And I, Indict you -

©Renate All rights reserved, June, 1992 renate555@gmail.com


Artist, poet & the Author of

From the Promised Land to the Lucky Countryhttp://www.promisedland-renate.com/


Climate warming

A great part of Climate change is attributed to the cutting of trees. It has brought about the formation of new deserts, dust bowls and the rise of salt that makes the land infertile.

In contrast to Australia and other countries like her that have systematically cut trees to make way to mono-agriculture of annual, the Jews returning to their homeland have been vigorously planting trees in this ancient land.In just 100 years bare mountains and dessert areas changed their colour to green with over 223 millions trees taking root here.

Recently, an international climate warming and afforestation conference took place in Israel.It centred on achievements reached here and the way those came about.

In the arid Negev Dessert, Israel has successfully planted 2 forests, where the trees are already more than twice the size of man; and where the undergrowth feeds the livestock of the Bedouins, that live in that area.

Israel scientists carefully pick the type of plants to be planted, and constantly watch and study their growth and behaviour.They look into water consumption as well, and utilize the most modern water conservation and utilization systems, which have been devised in this land.These forests even though the driest in the world, are doing well.

As this subject is important to us all, I would appreciate your input,your thoughts and ideas on it.


Artist, poet & the Author of From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country



The wedding on mount Carmel

One of the well-known mountain ridges here is the Carmel Mountains ridge, and we were invited to a wedding ceremony and party that took place in one of its peaks. This peak is called ‘The Hagana’- 'the Protector'- which was the forerunner to Israel’s defence forces. The area here is a designated as a picnic area and is covered with trees.It has a modern stone memorial sculpture with the military insignia on it, and a round opening through which you can see the surrounding area below. From this peak you can see: from the Mediterranean Sea and the City of Haifa to the valley of Zebulon, where the tribe of Zebulon lived in the days of the tribes, and right into the valley of Izrael. Here you can see the city buildings and industry, as well as the fields of the agricultural settlements that dot this rich land area. As darkness falls the day’s colour change and there are no longer the blues the greys and the green, but the lights, in their various shades of colours, that light in the blackness of night like millions of twinkling stars.What a sight! Arriving close to 8pm, and still light, we found the whole area set up for around 300+ guests, in tables for 10. These were covered with ochre yellow table clothes and set up like in a 5 star hotel. There was a stage for music and a dancing platform on to one side, and about three or four long buffet tables around. But that was not all, there were also two tables cooking pre –sitting food that constantly prepared ‘little bits of heaven’ Israeli style,’ with circulating waiters that served an array of local savouries. A drink counter was set opposite, serving anything you like; from water and soft drinks to pure fruit juices made on the spot to alcoholic beverages and mixes. At one corner, was a platform on which the ‘Chupa”(the traditional canopy under which Jewish weddings are held) was erected. Through which one could see the view below as well. In this beautiful night and site, a young couple vowed their life to each other, with the groom closing the ceremony by saying to his bride; you are the most wonderful, fantastic present I have ever got.I thank you for loving me. As a present, I gave them a digital copy of my 2 pods & white flowers on a dark green background. At the back we wrote, 'We wish your life together would flourish as beautiful as the subjects in the painting.' Renate Artist, poet & the Author of From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country http://www.promisedland-renate.com/


Visiting Israel - feel the place

I am in Israel now and intend staying here for sometime. It’s a fascinating place.Its history, location, situation and problems are unique.They differ greatly from those in other countries because of its position as a holy place to the world’s 3 monotheistic religions; and because its the Jewish people’s only homeland. It is an integral part of their history and beliefs.

The re-establishment of Israel as a state after 2000 years of exile makes the place even more unique. Here antiquity and modernism come together; and a bridge from the past to the present and to the future is constantly being built.

Israel is a very modern country. She is a powerhouse to the High Tech world and a leader in many other fields as well. It’s a democracy, where the democracy has perhaps gone too far: many opinions, far too many political parties, and a very open debate over every issue that comes along.

In less than 100 years, the growing Jewish population has turned the dessert made by the Ottoman Empire (Turkish) in its 400 years rule, to a garden.Trees and flowering shrubs, as well as flowers are everywhere, and the people are keen on planting to such a degree, that many verandas and rooftops are green with a large variety of large plants.

Israel topography makes this place unique as well. In such a small country the landscape changes rapidly: from white sandy beaches to mountain ridges, to valleys, and right down to the lowest spot on earth – The Dead Sea.And by the way, the Dead Sea, which in Hebrew is called – the Salt Sea, is not really ‘Dead’; and it is interesting to note that at its centre, at the very bottom of it, are sweet water springs.

Next post - Wedding on Mount Carmel. Renate Artist, poet & the Author of From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country http://www.promisedland-renate.com/

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