Promised land – Jerusalem

When I was asked: “what do you envision when asked what does ‘the Promised Land means to you?’ I saw the covenant between God and Abraham, However, when I thought about it some more, Jerusalem came into mind and has done so ever since.Then I asked myself – why Jerusalem? why not some other place you know in the Promised Land or elsewhere?

Well, Jerusalem was always the focus place of our people.It was the city of King David and the place of the First Temple – the spiritual and cultural and political centre of the Jewish people. A place of pilgrimage, of yearning.

When I was 13 years old I lived in a boarding school located at the fringes of Jerusalem.It was 1944 and we were ruled by the British who got a mandate over the area after WWI. An uncle and auntie of mine, whom I adored, lived in that city, and I used to visit them regularly. As I have written about my childhood impression of Jerusalem in my book, I thought I’d copy some of it here for you:

“As we walk along, I watch the very large and very black Sudanese, in their long white robes, selling their hot pistachio nuts at street corners, and eat the Arab-style, gooey fruit ice-cream one buys on the main street leading towards the Arab section, outside the old city.An ice cream like no other; it stretches like chewing gum and tastes heavenly to boot.

Not so palatable are the many beggars one cannot ignore, most of which are professionals.They start their day at four o’clock every morning and go, like all who go to work, to their allotted begging spots, which they have earned by fighting over them, like cats.Each has his or her specific way of begging, which they teach their children as well.Some even go to such length that they maim themselves or lie across the footpath in the most grotesque way, looking under one’s dress.Many of them become very wealthy, yet continue to live in their accustomed impoverished ways.”

In my next posting I’ll tell you about my impression of today’s Jerusalem, which I visited last year.If you have been to Jerusalem, why not post your impressions? Just click on the comment icon and write.Love to hear from you.

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The Promised Land & The Gold Coast

Joan’s comment on the subject of ‘what does "The Promised Land” mean to you’ gives a very personal slant to it:

Are you happy where you live?

Are you satisfied with your life, the way it goes?

Joan seems to have found her place, and it is in the Australian City of the Gold Coast.

The City of the Gold Coast, where I live as well, is about 1000km north of Sydney & about 80 km from Brisbane. It is built along the Pacific shores and covers about 57 km of some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. Naturally, it has become a tourist destination to many who love the ocean, the surfing, the bright sum and the not too hot a climate.

The variety in the landscape which is flat, undulating, or hilly with lots of national parks, give us places to visit and picnic and more.

In the last few years the city has developed culturally as well, and the local activities in this field and in the spots are very wide.

The city has about half a million permanent residents, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Most of us live in private homes built along artificial channels.

With the large number of visitors, we have at all time over a million people here and some of the infrastructure is far from satisfactory, mainly in the supply of water. We have therefore, the last few years, water restriction which is getting more and more severe.

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The Promised Land – what does it mean to you?

Yesterday I went for coffee with some friend and was posed this question.I was asked:with what do you associate this phrase

The Promised Land”?

What does it mean to you?What reaction or emotion does it trigger within you?What word association does it bring up?

Good question.Never thought about it.For me it always meant the land that was promised by God to Abraham for him and its descendants – the tribes of Israel.

As I started to think about it, I realized that it has become a metaphor, a symbol, an image.

But of what? Of hope? Of Yearning? A place of refuge? Of resting?

A fascinating question - What do you think? What do you feel when posed with this question?. Do think about it and comment. Lets see what you come up with.


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From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country

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