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This March, 2 days from now & for a month, my book 'From the promised Land to the Lucky Country' will be sold on Amazon.com together with the best seller - 'Suite Francaise'! Check this out by clicking the link at the top right hand side under the first photo.


Artist, Poet & author of -

From the Promised Land to the Lucky country.


From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country' - Book 2:Sydney Australia 1956 – 1963

As promised, here I am again.

Australia of the 1950’s was nothing like it is today. With half the population, and the world's 4th highest standard of living practiced the “White Australia policy” of immigration, and gave 60% preference to English immigration. The aboriginals were considered subhuman and women were only second- class citizens.

With its “White Australia policy” came many laws that narrowed working opportunity for all non-British immigrants, and no overseas professional certification were recognized. Therefore finding work, any work, was tough. On top of that we had to adjust to a new way of life and economical thinking, as well as having to make many social adjustments.

However, we were very lucky to meet some wonderful people who help us to learn the ropes, and who took us by the hand and weaved us through the narrow paths of the bureaucracy.

As we passed through life in the 50’s we incurred funny events while meeting our challenges, and were fortunate to build a small hospital from scratch & a lot of help from the people we met during that time.


Artist, poet & the author of

"From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country"

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Book launching and review of Book 1 - From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country-


I just now, on the 20th of January officially launched my book – "From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country" at the Gold Coast writers’ association, and it was great.Not only that, but I am already getting very positive feed backs!Readers say they cannot leave the book alone its last page!This is very exciting. Below are a couple of feedbacks just received and, if you happened to read my book, why not send me your comments well?


Just to let you know, I finished reading your book, and thought it was excellent, further more the patience to write it, and time taken, I respect.

For me it was getting exciting towards the end... what happened to your boat, building it ,an experience that must have been!

I arrived in Australia when I was 14 in 1956 so do know, and do remember that time, especially red-back spiders under toilet seats in outside toilets...

Hi Renate,

This is Anita. We met at the German club where you showed us your wonderful paintings and of course I got your book.

I started to read it, then every time Walter visited me, he grabbed it and started reading, it... so much so that he got AHEAD of me!! So in the end I said "here you take it home and read it, and when you are finished I will read it..."! I think it was such a parallel experience for him, in reading your book.

My life was less dramatic... but now I look forward to reading your life story.!!

Walter keeps commenting about parts and pieces out of the stories... the chiropractor, the rip-offs... and so on. Kept me smiling…

Much love,

Anita Chant and Walter Hammer


Congratulation on the publication of your first book –

'From the Promised land to the Lucky Country'

I enjoyed your book so much finding it almost impossible to put down until I had read it from cover to cover.Even the second time around it is still fascinating.

A truly breathtaking story of unfailing courage, strength, love and commitment to family and many needy causes.

Sincere best wishes,

Margaret Pusterla, Gold Coast

So, What is the book all about?Well, it’s my life story: a story that covers four different countries, each in a different continent. It is fast moving and gives a glimpses into what has occurred in those various countries at those periods of time.

Let me tell you a little bit about it:

As the book is divided into 4 books, I’ll tell you about each book, one at a time.

Here is what the first book is all about:

Book I -The land of Israel

I was lucky my parents took me, at the age of two, out of Nazi Germany in 1933 - the year Hitler came to power, and transplanted me into the then Palestine under the British mandate.

While the Shoah – the Holocaust – was in progress in Europe, a small but very determined group of Jewish people were buying land in Palestine and were rebuilding the land of Israel in preparation of it becoming a state.

Through my growing up years I was a part of this unique process and went through all the different stages; I lived in country towns, in cities and in the kibbutz.I took part in Israel’s war of independence and worked with immigrants from Baghdad in the preventive health services.

in a kibbutz high school - after school

Next time – Book II – Sydney Australia.


Artist, poet & the author of

"From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country"

Bicurim feast in the kibbutz highschool
Hi Walter and Annette, Thanks for the feedback. Pleased you enjoyed reading it. What happened to the boat, comes in a period after the book ends and maybe a part of the next book...